Join The Hutong on a tour in Xilingol!

Our long-term partners at The Hutong in Beijing have once again set up a fantastic extension tour to our Genghis Khan Festival. Starting from Xiwuqi on Monday following the races, you can join them on a bespoke tour around the grassland communities of Xilingol.

Since several years, The Hutong is Beijing’s premier cultural exchange centre, running a wide variety of educational, culinary and ecofriendly lifestyle programmes. Participation in the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure an Grassland Marathon is a standard outing on The Hutong’s calendar. This has resulted in lots of local expertise, and after venturing beyond Xiwuqi, the Hutong team has succeeded in designing an attractive tour-package for participants who like to see and experience more of the Inner Mongolian lifestyle and its scenic environment.

As we can read on The Hutong’s website:

The Hutong will visit Inner Mongolia for five exciting days of culture, exploration, and interaction. After the Grassland Marathon and MTB Adventure, we will explore the steppe and encounter some of the most dramatic topography in the region, visiting dormant volcanos, basin lakes, the Ashatu Stone Forest. We will spend a night in a grassland yurt camp, and have a chance to stay with local Mongolian farmers and learn about the change in lifestyle as their culture has transformed from a nomadic to a sedentary way of life in order to adhere to legislation and national standards. At each new location, we will address environmental and social issues that locals in the area must face in the tenuous partnership they share with Mother Nature and a rapidly developing society.

As always, a Hutong trip to Inner Mongolia will focus on the people, and the culture exchange we help facilitate with the local Mongolians we meet along the way. We will experience traditional Mongolian lifestyle by staying overnight at a yurt camp, practicing our archery and Mongolian wrestling skills, exploring the grassland on horseback, making Mongolian yoghurt and tastin numerous local delicacies that the area is known for. We’ll also pick up Mongolian words and customs, leaving the steppe with hadas hanging from our necks. In an effort to increase understanding of Inner Mongolia, its land, and its people, The Hutong is proud to be taking adults, families, and international students through its cultural and environmental landscape.

Hutong leaders have a wealth of experience and have established extensive relationships with local people in the communities they guide groups in.

Find out all information via the Hutong’s dedicated webpage. Email inquiries can be addressed to Anete.