Competition details and regulations

Background to the KOG competition

As increasingly more people took part in both the running and mountainbiking races at the Genghis Khan Festival, the King of the Grasslands (KOG) competition was formally introduced to the schedule in 2013 and with great response. Over 30 athletes attempted the incredible feat of finishing the 3 long distance stages of the MTB competition as well as the 42.5k long Grassland Marathon running. In 2014, the number more than doubled already with 78 participants, in 2015 there were almost 150 participants and in 2016 there were almost 180 participants in the competition. It was always a true test-of-strength, however, as the DNF rate remained high.

New in 2023

Along with the overall redesign and rebranding of the event, the 2023 Xiwuqi King of the Grasslands also has a different look compared to before and will take place on 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Saturday 7:00 am – Grassland 50 Running
  • Saturday as of 15:00 pm – Route 99 Individual Time Trial Cycling (TTG)
  • Sunday 9:00 am – Cyclo Xiwuqi 112km cycling

Contrary to previous editions, the cycling races can now be done with regular road racing bikes as well. A MTB is not necessary as the races are entirely held on tarmac and concrete roads, with potentially just a small section on gravel.

Details & Regulations

The KOG competition follows the regulations of the separate running and cycling competitions of the event.

  • The KOG competition is based on time. The winner is the athlete (male and female) who combines and completes the 2 cycling races and the Grassland 50k run in the fastest time. The result is produced by adding up the finishing time of an athlete’s 50k run with his/her finishing time in each of the cycling stages.
  • Both men and women will be ranked.
  • The official abbreviation for this competition is “KOG”.
  • In order to be ranked in the official KOG result, athletes must without exception finish within the cut-off time limits of all three races that are part of the competition. If someone finishes outside the time limit of a race, he/she will not be regarded as a ‘Finisher’.
  • The winners (m/f) of the KOG competition will get prizemoney, a special gift prize and a honorable certificate, and will be awarded accordingly during the official final Podium Ceremony. The Top 6 male athletes and the TOP 3 female athletes in the KOG competition will likewise be invited to the final Podium Ceremony and will receive an honorable certificate and sponsor prizes.
  • There is a separate registration for the KOG competition. Athletes MUST select ‘KOG’ during the registration process to earn a starting place for the competition.

Prizemoney King of the Grasslands