Route 99 TT: Start procedure & regulation reminders

The new Route 99 that cuts through the grasslands of Xiwuqi and ends at the iconic Mongolian Yurt City is central to the event this year. On Saturday afternoon, cyclists will challenge each other in a 30 km long individual time trial – which is very uncommon in China for amateur and mass participation cyclists. Organising a TT is of course also special, and there are a number of rules and guidelines to follow. Below is a reminder for all participants, the main points in our competition regulations for the Route 99 TT. 

Start procedure TT:

  • The start list for the individual time trial will be communicated at the latest 3 days before the event. The first rider will start the TT on Saturday afternoon at 15:00. 
  • Each rider will be separated by 1 minute interval
  • For reasons of fair-play, TT bikes are not allowed. On the other hand, TT handle bars placed on a normal road bike are allowed.
  • Participants need to check-in at the start location at least 10 minutes before their scheduled start time.
  • The starting time and order must be kept without exception. If you arrive too late, you will be ranked as a non-starter (DNS)

Please also be aware of the default TT rule:  

  • This is an individual time trial: drafting behind another rider ( =wheel sucking) is not permitted. Referees will monitor participants throughout the TT race. Penalties will be given and yellow cards will be shown if a participant is caught drafting:
            1. 1 yellow card = 10 minutes penalty
            2. 2 yellow cards = 30 minutes penalty
            3. 3 yellow cards = red card = disqualification (DQ)

And finally, for information:

  • Follow the yellow marking signs. There is only one route so it is impossible to get lost, except at the end, when you enter the final kilometre you turn right off Route 99 on a concrete road to the finish and Mongolian Yurt City. 
  • Route 99 is a new tarmac road and is very smooth to ride on.Nevertheless, always remain aware of your surroundings especially as cattle runs freely in the grasslands. Local farmers have been instructed to keep their animals within fences, but even domesticated animals may have a mind of their own. If you encounter a sheep, goat, camel, cow or horse on the road, use your brain and common sense. Do not provoke a defensive reaction, especially if the animal is bigger than you 🙂 
  • The start location is about 25 km from Xiwuqi. A shuttle bus will be provided.
  • The finish location is about 20 km from Xiwuqi: A shuttle bus will be provided. The finish location at Mongolian Yurt City is worth spending a bit of time to relax and recover. 
  • The Race Director, assisted by the Race Jury, has the right to make last-minute changes to the timetable and schedule should a potentially hazardous situation occur (e.g. thunderstorm).