Yurt Staying


After the “Grassland Crazy Night”, you could choose to stay overnight in the yurt, to experience the original Mongolian culture and enjoy the sunrise next morning.


Types and price of tent:

1)    Luxury twin tent: two beds, has bath room. 

2)    Standard twin-bed tent: two beds, has bath room. 

3)    Triple-bed tent: three beds, has bath room. 

4)    Four-bed tent: big bed(4 to 6 person can share), no bath room. 

NOTE:  There is also a public bath room outside the yurt. Please refer to the map of Khan Yurt City for its location.

 General guidelines

Yurt is the traditional house of Mongolian nomads. It features ventilation, mild temperature in summer and in winter, and they are easy to move and build up. The yurts in Khan Yurt City tourism region are redecorated and reinforced by modern techniques, and have become a spectacular scenery on the grassland. Staying in Yurt City is comfortable and the big majority of people love it, but note this is not a luxury resort. You do need to bring a little spirit of adventure as this remains a remote part of China and the world as a whole. Please consider carefully before deciding on staying in the yurt rather than a hotel room, particularly if the next day you take part in the big MTB stage. Apart from foul weather or other force majeure, if you do not want to stay in the yurt for your own reasons after check-in, the organizing committee will not refund you any payment.