Pre-Grassland Marathon warm-up by HeyRunning

Hey! Join HeyRunning training coaches for a 2 to 4 km pre-race warm-up run this Friday in Xiwuqi! A great opportunity to ease out any stiffness following the travel and a chance to inspect a short section of the course before race day!

There will be two groups running at very relaxed speeds both starting from Culture Square at 14.00 and finishing in the same spot, before the arrival of the 1st MTB stage.  The course will follow the start of the Grassland Marathon the next morning before turning left into a park opposite Xiwuqi Hotel. Upon exciting the park runners will get back on the official race course and do the final 1.5k into the finish.

Just bring yourself already changed in your running gear plus a small bottle of water should you think you’ll need it! Free for ALL Grasslands participants and supporters! HeyRunning’s founder Linus Holmsäter, incidently, is one of the top favourites to win the race on Saturday. Hey Running is excited to meet you in the grasslands!