Cyclo Xiwuqi upgraded to 124 km!

Unfortunately, we have to announce a last-minute change in the race course of Cyclo Xiwuqi this coming Sunday morning. Due to unfinished road construction works, and new repairs to another road near the finish in the city, we are compelled to re-route the last 40 km of the race. After 75km, the new course will go onto Route 99 and have a total distance of 124 km, only 12 more than the original course. There is no change in the anyways little elevation gain and there’s an argument to be made that the new section, despite being a bit longer, is easier than the original. We are adding half an hour to the cut-off time at the finish. Riders thus have 7 hours to complete the distance of Cyclo Xiwuqi 124. That boils down to an average speed of slightly less than 18 km/h, which is very flexible and in accordance with other Nordic Ways cycling events.