Grassland 50 Run: Zhang Junjie wins in 3h28’08”!

The 50km Grassland Run in Xiwuqi was dominated by Zhang Junjie in a fantastic time of 3h28’08”. Meng Ke Wu Le Ji crossed the line in second place just two minutes later. The first ever KOG in Xiwuqi, Wang Lidong in 2015, grabbed second place in the run in 3h39’28”. Cheng Lin was third in 3h40’56”. Zhou Yongkang took fourth in 3h42’06”. All these runners are taking part in the KOG competition, meaning this afternoon they also line up for the 30km time trial cycling.
First woman was Xu Meiling, who was also setting the pace from the get-go. She crossed the finish line in a great time of 3h52’44”, which was 7th overall! Also in the women’s run, most podium scorers are KOG competitors who will be cycling this afternoon and tomorrow. Cui Qian was second woman this morning in 4h23’44”, followed by Yin Yue in 4h38’56”.
The race started under a blue sky and little wind at 7 am at Culture Square. As such, it became a hot race for the more moderately-paced runners, who completed the final kilometers in the heat of mid-day.
The 22km race had an international podium with two non-Chinese winners. Carmeroon’s Ivan Nguepi won the men’s race in 1h32’43” . Zhao Kai and Wu Yingga joined him on the podium. Ukraine’s Kateryna Hlnyiana was quickes 22k woman in 1h41’31”. Chen Ping took second in1h54 and AoTeGenQiMuGe third in 1h58.