Ranking, top-level helmet sponsor of MTB

Ranking, which means excellence, is the largest helmet brand in Taiwan. Established in 1979, Ranking is an international company with nearly 30 agencies in the world and 400 distributors on the Chinese mainland and its products are sold around the world.

Ranking is dedicated to developing helmets qualified for Asians as it origins from Asia. The Asian brand has been committed to the development of design and got a lot of progress and won the innovation award on CIBMF for many times. Safety and more than you want are their goals that they pursue forever.

In addition to producing top quality helmets, Ranking’s promotion of cycling culture has also been a remarkable achievement. Ranking is the sponsor of more than forty cycling teams at professional and amateur level. Furthermore, it is the most popular band among professional teams.

As the official helmet brand, Ranking will not only award helmets for outstanding athletes in Xiwuqi, but also set a lucky draw on the spot.

Nordic Ways sincerely appreciates Ranking’s support for Genghis Khan MTB.

More information about Ranking, please visit the official website: http://www.ranking-helmet.com/

Team or club purchase, please contact info@ranking-helmet.com, Mr. Gu.

Ranking helmet in Xiwuqi

The excellent athletes got Ranking helmet