Registration closed! Enter waiting list

The popularity of our Inner Mongolian Genghis Khan Festival has grown even beyond our own expectations: it is only April 23 and we are already at over 98% of the event’s maximum capacity! UPDATE April 24: the remaining places have been claimed, the system is closed.

Not everything will be lost if you turn out to be too late. As last year, we will open a waiting list that will be managed on a first come, first serve basis. As soon as someone cancels his participation and thus releases his starting place, the first person on the waiting list will be contacted via email by Nordic Ways staff.

To enter the waiting list please go to the registration page to  state your name, gender, nationality, DOB, team name (if applicable), email address and your choice of race. If a starting place becomes available, the first person on the top of the waiting list will be contacted by Nordic Ways staff.

The maximum participation limit for the event’s 8th edition between 4 and 6 July has been set at 1200 runners and bikers combined, which is 450 more than in 2013. Last year, we reached the limit exactly one month before the event. The limit is imposed for logistical reasons but also to warrant a quality grassland experience for all participants.

Logically, the majority of registrants are runners but for the first time there will be more marathon than half marathon participants. The number of mountainbike riders is also up and no fewer than 80 people are aiming to crown themselves as King of the Grasslands by combining the 42.5k Grassland Marathon with the 3 days long distance MTB!

Xiwuqi, host venue of the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Marathon, is a remote part of northern Inner Mongolia and for several years the unique event was held with a combined field of less than 200 participants. By redesigning the competitions and unlocking the full marketing and sales potential of the event, the Festival has come of age and participant numbers have been rising dramatically ever since the 2012 edition. The Organising Committee and the local authorities in Xiwuqi are delighted, stimulated and very grateful to witness this booming success and the increased support for what essentially, given the vast and remote area, remains a difficult-to-organise event.

Many thanks to all of you!