Statement on the Cancellation of the 2017 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Extreme Marathon

With great regret we have to announce today the cancellation of the 2017 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure and Grassland Marathon in Xiwuqi. The local government in Xiwuqi informed us that they cannot authorise the event for environmental and social reasons: the Xilingol area is experiencing a drought this year and the lack of rainfall has made the grasslands extremely vulnerable to desertification, which for farming communities such as Xiwuqi would be catastrophic. Therefore, all events, including even the Mongolian Nadamu ethnic holiday Festival next week, have been cancelled.

The decision is final.

We will announce more details on the reimbursement procedure for participants in the course of tomorrow. Please bear with us and refrain from making phone calls to our office. As technical organisers we are just as affected by this cancellation, and are still in meetings with the authorities in Xiwuqi to discuss next steps this afternoon.

Any refund issue please contact :