The Hutong: your perfect trip add-on

The majority of participants in the Genghis Khan Festival pass through Beijing on their way to or from the Xiwuqi grasslands. For all those people, but also for Beijing residents, our promotional partner The Hutong offers a range of unique tours, classes and other experiences that are a superb add-on for any Beijing trip.

The Hutong’s mission is to provide exceptional cultural experiences in a fun learning environment. Sharing culture, sharing knowledge is its slogan. They indeed offer a wide range of activities, tours in and around Beijing (including Great Wall) with a special twist, learning programmes and teambuilding exercises. Their culinary classes and their tea journeys are already legendary in Beijing! There is more: you can also engage in healthy lifestyle sessions, including nutritional programmes for sports people, or enhance your photography and drawing skills.

The people at The Hutong are keen and active sports enthusiasts themselves, and their business connects beautifully with the events organised by Nordic Ways. At the upcoming Genghis Khan Festival, The Hutong already has a team confirmed consisting of 9 runners. Last year, its co-founder Mark Thirlwall scored a second place in the half marathon run and 12th overall in the long distance MTB on top!

The Hutong is located near Beixinqiao, south of Dongzhimen Nei, halfway between Sanlitun and Houhai. For more info about their programmes, check this PDF. They have an excellent website also that you can check here and learn more about what they do. Not to be missed!