Become the King of the Grasslands!

In the past six years there have been astonishing athletic accomplishments at our beloved Genghis Khan Festival. High time to put more spotlights on these. As of 2013, an additional feature, dubbed King of the Grasslands (KOG), will celebrate all the participants who combine mountainbiking with running during the 7th edition of the 3-day event.

There is no special registration for this new ‘competition’, which in essence will be just a ranking. Everybody who participates in both the mountainbike and running event will automatically enter the KOG ranking. Those strong men and women who perform and complete the ultimate challenge, i.e. running the full 42km Grassland Marathon AND biking the 3-day long distance MTB Adventure, will of course top the sheet. When the finishing times are added up,the fastest of those athletes will be crowned as King of the Grasslands and receive a special prize.

The introduction of this new KOG element in the Genghis Khan Festival does not come out of the blue. A number of people have performed a combination of biking and running already in 2012. As of next year, those amazing participants will receive more attention, indeed.

More details and guidelines can be found in the new KOG section of our website.