General info & guidelines

The Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon is unique in China in its setting across the grassplains around the Inner Mongolian town Xiwuqi (Xiwuzhumuqinqi). It is an extraordinary running experience for everyone: top international runner, after-work hobby runner, young and old.

After the competition, there will be an award ceremony in the town’s Culture Square with prize money for the first six positions in the 42.5km race. Following a welcome afternoon rest, people have the option to attend a Mongolian banquet dinner and/or outdoor bonfire party in the evening at the Mongolian Yurt camp inside the grasslands. During the Genghis Khan Festival, you will also have opportunities to visit some local tourism spots.

For precise details on the sporting competition and the conditions of entry, please follow these links:

Race details

Conditions of entry

Below is some more general information.


The venue for the Genghis Khan Festival is Xiwuqi 西乌旗 (Short for Xiwuzhumuqin Qi 西乌珠穆沁旗), a small town about 140 km from Xilinhaote锡林浩特 in the more northern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. See Google Maps. It is an area where the majority of people are still ethnic Mongolian, and you will see the unique traditional Mongolian script everywhere.

Think about

The main specialty food in Inner Mongolia is mutton and milk products, but there is also plenty of beef and dumplings. In Northwestern China, food can be a bit spicier. There is limited western food, especially for breakfast where there will be some milk, yoghurt and vegetables/fruit, along with Chinese rice and noodles, but take with you some food of your own if you feel it might be hard for you to eat the local food. Instant coffee is available in shops, however, but bring some from home just in case they ran out.

Don’t forget

  • Sun block and Sun glasses
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Aspirin and other medicine
  • Hygiene articles etc
  • Long-sleeved jacket. Given Xiwuqi’s altitude, the temperature can drop significantly at night (relax: it won’t freeze neither)
  • Travel documents
  • Passport/ID (you need these to check in to the Hotel)

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