Competition details

10th Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon

Date: 10 Aug 2019
Start: 7 a.m.
Finish closure: 1.45 p.m.
Venue: Cultural Square in Xiwuqi , Xilingol, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Distances: 42.5km – 21.5km – 11km
Refreshment stations: Refreshment stations at every 5 km interval until km 30, then at every 3 km

Participation: open to everyone

Race description: The Grassland Marathon is a timed off-road or cross-country running challenge that is predominantly run on sand trails and proper grassland. The course is not flat and is slightly hilly in parts. Start and finish is on tarmac road in the centre of Xiwuqi town. Have a look at the track map section for more information.

Conditions of entry

Before registering for the race, please read through the conditions of entry

Competition regulations

  • The Grassland Marathon, half marathon and 11k competitions are open to everyone in good physical condition (see also conditions of entry regarding insurance). All Participants must be mindful of the safety aspect of the race
  • Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines and is assumed to accept them when starting in the competition of choice.
  • Only leg power is allowed. Any kind of automatic or mechanic aids are prohibited.
  • All participants should behave in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster runner to overtake without obstructing.
  • All participants are required to register before the event.
  • Participants should collect their participant goodie bags including their number bibs at the Race Office before the event. Number bibs are to be worn in front according to instructions given, and should not be bent or modified in any way. Participants not wearing any number bib will not be allowed to enter the starting area.
  • Participants should arrive at the starting area at least 15 minutes before the start of the race.
  • The starting area at Culture Square will be divided into four starting blocks. Block A: 42.5k Marathon; Block B: KOG participants; Block C: 21.5k Half Marathon; Block D: 11k Run,Block E: KOG kids hiking
  • The event is timed for all participants, during the whole course. Electronic timekeeping will be provided by means of a chip to be attached to the body according to instructions given.
  • The timekeeping will result in an official final ranking, both for men and women, and provided by the Organising Committee immediately after the competition.
  • There is a maximum time limit for all distances of 6h30, which also applies for the half marathon and 11k runs. Marathon runners should pass km 37 by 12:40, or will be requested to stop at that point (cars are available to bring people back to the start/finish area)
  • Intermediate time check points will be installed along the race course. Runners who do not pass these checkpoints will be disqualified from the race result.
  • The running course will be clearly marked by arrows kilometer-per-kilometer and by flags. Marathon = blue colour arrows and flags; half marathon = purple colour, 11km = white colour, KOG kids hiking= white colour
  • Participants must follow the track as marked by the Organizing Committee (OC). Shortcutting will result in disqualification from the competition. Participants going off the official track will be self-responsible for any risk or injury occurring during this time.
  • A prize giving ceremony will be held after the race. Participants eligible for a prize are required to check the event timetable and remain at the Event Arena to collect their prize on the podium stage.
  • Complaints about race result can be communicated to the race jury until 30 minutes after the relevant finish time. Note that a deposit of 200 RMB will be required for the jury to handle the case. If the complaint is deemed justified by the race jury, the person who filed the complaint will get the deposit back.
  • Each finishing participant will receive an official certificate and medal
  • Refreshment stations: drinking & feeding stations will be set up at every 5 km interval (Marathon: every 3km after 30km) These stations will provide:
    1. A first aid kit to deal with minor injuries
    2. Beverages: water, energy drinks and, if the temperature is low, a hot drink
    3. Food: sweets, fruits, cereal bars, a food item with some substance. Final drinking station: energy gels
  • First Aid Service: a special First Aid service team including runners will be spread out on the marathon and half marathon courses, providing swift medical assistance should this be required.
  • Littering zones: Genghis Khan Festival supports Leave No Trace (LNT) and will be strictly implementing its policy. Littering will only be allowed at well-marked and designated zones around the refreshment stations. Participants who are spotted throwing away bottles, cups, wrapping paper or any other garbage outside these zones will be disqualified from the result list of the event.
  • Clothes deposit: participants can drop off extra clothing at the secured designated area at start/finish arena before 6:45 a.m. Please use the stickers with your number bib print to identify your clothes bag.
  • A leading car for way-clearing, an ambulance, wrecking car and media cars are allowed on the track during the event. Besides, no cars are allowed on the track.
  • The race jury is authorized to dismiss participants (results included) who have violated the event regulations, or have harmed the integrity of the event or of other participants
  • The OC is authorized to shorten the race distances or cancel the event due to the force majeure.
  • If any additions to these regulations become necessary, these will be publicized by the OC on-site and online.
  • The final authority on the interpretation of the regulations for all relevant races is owned by the race director supported by the race jury.