KOG Kids Competition details and regulations

I.Overall rules

1. Participants must participate in their corresponding age group, calculated based on check-in date.

2. Participants who do not comply with these rules will be disqualified from the race.

3. Participants who fail to start the race within the specified time will be disqualified from the race.

4. During the race or at the race arena, all participants must comply with these rules;Participants are not allowed to offend participants, spectators, staff or volunteers in any way, and their behavior must be recognized as reasonable or acceptable in society;Participants are required to treat all participants, staff, volunteers, and spectators fairly, respectfully, and politely; Participants are not allowed to use insulting language or behavior;If any rules are violated, it is necessary to report such violations to the referee or withdraw from the race.

Violations will be reported to the referee by staff, volunteers, or track staffs.

5. Participants must complete the entire prescribed track. Participants who violate this rule will have their results cancelled, even if they have not achieved any distance advantage in the race; Unless the participant is able to return to the position where they originally left the track and compete again. Reentry: After leaving the track, participants should re-enter the track and continue the race from the same starting point.

6. Participants shall not intentionally or unintentionally obstruct, accuse, or interfere with other participants during the race.Participants who violate any rules, they will be disqualified from the race.

7. Number bib: Participants should display their number bib at all times, and should keep the number bib unchanged and unobstructed at the beginning and end of the race, as well as on the track.In case of violation of regulations, participants are not allowed to participate in the race or their results will be cancelled.

8.During the race, if participant fail to pass within the closing time, the staff  has the right to terminate the race and forcibly detain them. If they refuse to accept the detainee, the participant will bear the consequences personally, and the organizing committee will not be held responsible.

9.Leading vehicles, ambulances, rescue vehicles, and media vehicles are allowed to enter the race track during the race. Other vehicles are not allowed to enter the track:

10. For uncontrollable factors, the organizing committee has the right to shorten the race distance or cancel the race.

11. Rubbish disposal area: The race supports the initiative of Leave No Trace and will strictly implement this regulation. Rubbish can only be discarded within clearly marked and designated areas around the supply station.participants  who litter bottles, paper cups, waste paper, or other rubbish outside these areas will have their race results cancelled.

12. Start time: All participants should start in the corresponding order or group. Any participant who violates this provision by starting in an inappropriate ,advanced order or in the wrong category will be disqualified from the competition. Any participant who starts with an incorrect start time will be disqualified from the award.

13. Each task must be carried out according to the prescribed route and game. If the task fails or is not carried out according to the route, a penalty area will be set in the end area of eachgame. Each task incurs a penalty of 20 jumps. Participants must complete the penalty task before entering the next task point.

14. Participants must follow the designated track, otherwise their competition results will be cancelled.

15. Participants need to clock in sequentially according to their track (clock in: see the red light flashing on the clock in or hear a beep), complete all task points, return to the finish line, and complete the race.

II. Specific rules for obstacles

(1) Participants can attempt to cross obstacles multiple times

These obstacles can be attempted multiple times as needed before successful completion. If multiple attempts fail, priority must be given to other first-time participants.

A.Brave Climbing of High Peaks


1. Climb and flip over obstacles;

Failure determination:

1. Unable to overcome obstacles;

Punishment: Need to pass this obstacle again

B.Obstacles surround


1. Crossing obstacles

Failure determination:

1. Failure to cross the designated route;

Punishment: Need to pass this obstacle again

C. Bok


It is necessary to imitate according to the requirements of the referee.

Failure determination:

Referee decide whether to pass.

Punishment: It is necessary to imitate again and queue up again to give priority to non participants.

(2) Single attempt obstacle task points

A. Accumulation of Fewer Points


There are three opportunities to throw sandbags and two attempts to hit the designated position;

Failure determination:

After throwing three sandbags, Failure sr only hit once.

Punishment: 20 jumps must be completed before completing the task

B.Huhe Arigala


Pick up cow manure (or other weight props) from the designated area into a container, and transport the container containing cow manure (or props) intact according to the track markings to the designated location;

Failure determination:

1. Failure to fully transport props according to the track;

2. Dragging, rolling, throwing, or pushing items to be placed;

3. Handling incorrect quantities of props or other weights of props.

Punishment: 20 jumps must be completed before completing the task.

C. Aerial Crossing


Enter the bridge from the designated area and walk along the designated path.

Failure determination:

1. Failure to pass through the designated area.

2. Leave the bridge midway.

Punishment: 20 jumps must be completed before completing the task.

D. Knowledge Task Point


At this task point, it is necessary to say or point out the answer to the question about Inner Mongolia folk customs presented by the referee  within 10 seconds.

Failure determination:

1. Timed out.

2. The answer incorrect.

Punishment: 20 jumps must be completed before completing the task.

E. Suriharibuna


There are three chances to shoot arrows, and it is necessary to hit the target two or more times.

Failure determination:

1. Failure to hit or hit the target only once.

Punishment: 20 jumps must be completed before completing the task.

KOG KidsSprint Duathlon Competition Regulations

The fastest six participants per category in the heats are qualified for the Sprint Duathlon Final

Competition Details & Regulations

1.The sprint duathlon is a timed race consisting of 2.2km cycling, 1.4km running and again 1.1km cycling. Start and finish is at Culture Square.

2.Participants will be assigned to a heat by virtue of a ‘lucky draw’ at race pack collection. They must stick to the heat they are assigned to and follow its time schedule

3.The number of heats is subject to the total number of registrations

4.Wearing a helmet for the two cycling parts is mandatory. No helmet is disqualification.

5.Free choice of footwear. Participants can choose to ride with running shoes if they think they will lose too much time changing shoes at the transition zone. It is up to the participant to decide what is best for his or her performance

6.Transition zone at the entrance and exit of Xiwuqi EcoPark. Participants must hang their bicycle exactly on the numbered bike rack spot that corresponds with the helmet number they received at race pack collection. A basket with the same number will also be provided for those who wish to change shoes and/or drop their helmet for the running part. Participants who obstruct and occupy another participant’s assigned spot will be disqualified

7.Participants can drop their running shoes at the transition zone if they wish to change shoes during the race, but must do so at least 30 minutes before the start of their heat.

8.The winners of the Final race are the winners of the Sprint Duathlon competition

9.Participants must obey all orders and indications of the race director and/or his assistant, and any official marshals or volunteers along the race courses.

10.Each participant must read through these full competition regulations and guidelines. By starting a race, the participant acknowledges and accepts the competition regulations(For details,please refer to KOG Sprint Duathlon Competition Regulations)