Running Competition regulations

The 2024 Route 99 Xiwuqi Marathon starts at Culture Square in Xiwuqi town centre and finishes at the Genghis Khan ‘horses statue’. The course gets more scenic by the kilometre, but full marathon runners should note this is not a course to break your personal best time. As the map shows, the second half goes gradually uphill until km 36. In terms of KOG points, the full marathon is of course categorised higher than the half marathon and the 11k fun run.

Key points

  • The Route 99 Xiwuqi Marathon, half marathon and Fun Run are all part of the KOG competition, see the KOG regulations separately
  • Nobody can book the weather: there is very little to no shelter from potential sunshine or gale winds. Take preventive measures.
  • Runners must be conscious of the transportation schedule to return to Xiwuqi after the finish (for full marathon and half marathon).
  • Aid stations are put at every 5 km interval until km 30, then every 3 km until the finish.
  • Participation: the three race categories are open to everyone meeting the conditions of entry as stipulated in the registration platform

Competition details and regulations

  1. Each participant must read through the full specific event regulations and guidelines below and is assumed to accept them when starting in the competition of choice.
  2. The Route 99 Xiwuqi Marathon, half marathon and fun run are open to everyone in good physical condition (see also conditions of entry regarding insurance). All Participants must be mindful of the safety aspects of the race, and the challenge of long distance running in open spaces.
  3. The marathon, half marathon and fun run are all part of the KOG competition and offer KOG points according to the regulations of the competition (Link)
  4. All participants are required to register online before the event.
  5. All participants should behave in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster runner to overtake without obstructing.
  6. Participants should collect their participant goodie pack including their number bibs at the Race Office before the race in the Xiwuqi Hotel. Number bibs are to be worn in front according to instructions given, and should not be bent or modified in any way. Participants not wearing any number bib will not be allowed to enter the starting area.
  7. The start arena at the Xiwuqi Culture Square for the running event will be divided into three starting blocks.
      • Block A: Marathon runners
      • Block B: Half Marathon runners
      • Block C: Fun Run runners
  8. The finish of the Marathon is at the Genghis Khan Horses Statue, the finish of the half marathon is at Mongolian Yurt Camp. Return transportation from there to Xiwuqi and the arena at Culture Square is arranged
  9. The start and finish arena for the 11k Fun Run is at Culture Square
  10. Intermediate time checkpoints will be installed along the race course. Runners who do not pass these checkpoints will be disqualified from the race result.
  11. Runners who wish to change distance can do so until maximum 30 minutes before the race start (i.e. 6:30 am). These runners should come to the race jury tent at the starting line. Runners who decide to change distance during the race itself will be marked as ‘DNF’ in the result list.
  12. Cut-off times – There is a minimum speed requirement for all runners. Cut-off times at designated aid stations will be strictly adhered to by the race marshals. Important: the cut-off times are applied to your exit out of the aid station, not your entry. Runners who are too late will be told to stop and no exceptions will be tolerated. This is an official requirement by the local security authority. Cars are available to bring people back to the finish arena at Culture Square.
      • 08:30 – Cut-off time Fun Run at Finish Culture Square
      • 09:45 – Cut-off time Marathon at km 21
      • 10:00 – Cut-off time Half Marathon at Finish Yurt Camp
      • 13:15 – Cut-off time Marathon at km 36
      • 14:00 – Cut-off time Marathon at Finish
  13. Results – The timekeeping will result in an official ranking for men and women based on gun time. Once approved by the race director and race jury, it will be provided immediately online and on site at Culture Square.
  14. A prize giving ceremony will beheld after the race. Participants eligible for a prize are required to check the event timetable and remain at the Event Arena to collect their prize on the podium stage.
  15. Complaints about a race result can be communicated to the race jury until 30 minutes after the relevant finish time. Note that a deposit of 200 RMB will be required for the jury to handle the case. If the complaint is deemed justified by the race jury, the person who filed the complaint will get the deposit back.
  16. Each finishing participant will receive an official certificate and medal
  17. Course marking – The running course will be clearly marked by coloured arrows and by flags.
      • Marathon = blue colour
      • Half Marathon = pink colour
      • Fun Run = white colour
  18. The GPX file of the course will be made available in the last days before the race. Note that the GPX serves as a guideline for runners only. The course marking always overrules the GPX file, as last-minute changes can always occur.
  19. Shortcutting will result in disqualification from the competition. Participants going off the official track will be self-responsible for any risk or injury occurring during this time.
  20. Aid stations: there will be aid stations with water, energy drink & snacks at every 5km and after 30km at 3km intervals until the finish.  Have an extra energy gel in your pocket nonetheless.
  21. The running courses are all in wide open spaces. This implies participants could be exposed to sunshine nearly all the way, as well as to potential gale winds. Take preventive measures.
  22. Littering zones: Xiwuqi King of the Grasslands supports Leave No Trace (LNT) and will be strictly implementing its policy. Littering will only be allowed at well-marked and designated zones around the refreshment stations. Participants who are spotted throwing away bottles, cups, wrapping paper or any other garbage outside these zones will be disqualified from the result list of the event.
  23. Clothes deposit/drop bag: marathon and half marathon participants can drop off their bag at the secured designated area at the arena before the start. Please use the stickers with your number bib print to identify your clothes bag. Marathon bags will be transported to the finish, half marathon bags will be transported to the finish at Yurt City
  24. Please note that there is cattle (sheep, cows, horses,) in the grasslands and they occasionally run over or destroy our course signs. While we do what we can to avoid issues like these, we count on your sense of adventure and good spirit to accept this inconvenience, should you encounter this during the race. It is unlikely you will get lost as you should be seeing signs regularly and at least every kilometer.
  25. A lead car with the race director for way-clearing, an ambulance, pick-up car and media cars are allowed on the course during the event. Besides, no other cars are allowed on the course.
  26. The race director and/or the race jury is authorised to stop and disqualify participants who have violated the event regulations, or have harmed the integrity of the event or of other participants
  27. The race director and/or the Organising Committee is authorised to shorten the race distances or even cancel the races if participants’ safety cannot be guaranteed due to force majeure (e.g. rainfall will not stop the race, but extreme conditions, such as thunderstorms, may lead to special measures)
  28. Safety & Emergency: our emergency hotline number is printed on your number bib. Every participant is recommended to take along a mobile phone during the race. Medical staff is on stand-by
  29. If any additions to these regulations become necessary, these will be published by the OC on-site and online.
  30. The final authority on the interpretation of the regulations for all relevant races is owned by the race director supported by the race jury.