Sprint Duathlon Competition details and regulations

The sprint duathlon is a new feature on the programme of the Xiwuqi King of the Grasslands Challenge. The short Run-Bike-Run race is an ideal opportunity to prep the muscles for the longer endurance races of the weekend, and every participant can be highlighted at the start procedure. The duathlon will be held in several heats, following which the fastest six per category continue to a final shoot-out in the late afternoon to determine the winners.

Key Points

  • Each participant is assigned to a heat based on his/her bike category and biological sex
  • The fastest six participants per category in the heats are qualified for the Sprint Duathlon Final
  • Participants must follow the announced time schedule and their assigned number spot in the transition zone

Competition Details & Regulations

  1. The sprint duathlon competition will be held in two categories: road bike or MTB, and this for both male and female participants
  2. The results of the sprint duathlon count towards the KOG points ranking (see KOG regulations).
  3. The sprint duathlon is a timed race consisting of 2km cycling, 1,5km running and again 1,5km cycling. Start and finish is at Culture Square.
  4. The competition will be held in various heats, followed by a final featuring the best performers in the heats.
  5. Heats are defined by biological sex and chosen bike category: road bike or MTB. (i.e. women against women, road bike against road bike). Heats will have minimum 6 and maximum 20 participants. Each participant receives a numbered helmet sticker for use in the sprint duathlon
  6. Participants can choose between a morning heat or an afternoon heat at registration. Both morning and afternoon sessions have a limited number of heats, so the allocation will be on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Once assigned to a heat, participants must stick to the heat and follow its time schedule. Changes are not permitted under any circumstance.
  7. The number of heats is subject to the total number of registrations
  8. Wearing a helmet for the two cycling parts is mandatory. No helmet is disqualification.
  9. Free choice of footwear. Participants can choose to ride with running shoes if they think they will lose too much time changing shoes at the transition zone. It is up to the participant to decide what is best for his or her performance
  10. Transition zone at the entrance and exit of Xiwuqi EcoPark. Participants must hang their bicycle exactly on the numbered bike rack spot that corresponds with the helmet number they received at race pack collection. A basket with the same number will also be provided for those who wish to change shoes and/or drop their helmet for the running part. Participants who obstruct and occupy another participant’s assigned spot will be disqualified
  11. Participants can drop their running shoes at the transition zone if they wish to change shoes during the race, but must do so at least 30 minutes before the start of their heat.
  12. Race results are based on gun time. The fastest six participants in each category (male RB, female RB, male MTB, female MTB) during the heats qualify for the Sprint Duathlon Final at the end of the afternoon.
  13. There will be two (2) Final races with 12 qualifiers: one male (6x RB, 6x MTB) and one female (6x RB, 6x MTB)
  14. The winners of the Final race are the winners of the Sprint Duathlon competition.
  15. Participants are personally responsible to ensure their bicycle, gear and other equipment are fit for the task.
  16. Participants are responsible to bring their own spare parts for any mechanical or bicycle-related issue (e.g. to handle punctures or chain issues).
  17. Triathlon or TT handlebars are NOT allowed for safety reason
  18. E-bikes are NOT allowed. Any kind of electronic, battery-charged or other mechanical aids on any part of the bicycle is forbidden. People caught cheating against this rule may be banned for life from Nordic Ways events. The Organization Committee (OC) reserves the right to check bikes before the start. Footpeg, locks, etc. shall all be removed before the start of the event.
  19. Participants must obey all orders and indications of the race director and/or his assistant, and any official  marshals or volunteers along the race courses.
  20. Each participant must read through these full competition regulations and guidelines. By starting a race, the participant acknowledges and accepts the competition regulations
  21. Fair play is the order of the day: participants who are seen conducting unsporting behaviour towards others will get a time penalty and/or will be disqualified from the event by the Race Jury.
  22. Even though the race course is of course expected to be kept traffic free by local authorities, expect the unexpected
  23. Race start protocol: participants in each heat will be called to come to the start line by the event speaker and will be personally introduced to the spectators on site and online. Participants must enter the ‘waiting zone’ before their heat is called at least 10 minutes before their scheduled starting time
  24. Course marking: the sprint duathlon course will be marked in orange colours
  25. Results & Award ceremony – A prize giving ceremony will be held after the Final races. Participants eligible for a prize are required to remain at the Event Arena to collect their prize on the podium stage.
  26. Results & Complaints – Complaints about race results can be communicated to the race jury at the finish line until maximum 30 minutes after the participant’s finish time. Note that a deposit of 200 RMB will be required for the jury to handle the case. If the complaint is deemed justified by the race jury, the person who filed the complaint will get the deposit back.
  27. Race results will be posted on-site at the finish arena, and online later on the day
  28. Injury & emergency: please use the emergency telephone number printed on your bib. Please only use this number for serious injuries or other kinds of emergency situations. Aid stations are equipped with first-aid kits for minor issues.
  29. DNF – If you retire from the sprint race with a mechanical bike issue, please try to walk back to the finish at Culture Square . In any case, communicate your bib number to a race marshal.
  30. Leave No Trace: competitors are not permitted to throw any garbage on the race course and should keep it with them until the next aid station or designated littering zone. People caught littering deliberately will be disqualified from the race result.
  31. Please note that the Race Director, supported by the Race Jury, is authorised to change the race course, amend the race distance or cancel the competition in the event of unforeseen or exceptional circumstances that jeopardise the security of the race or its participants.
  32. If anything is unclear, please address your question to a Nordic Ways staff member, or to info@nordicways.com