50k runners: be aware of mandatory gear requirements!

50 kilometres goes beyond marathon distance and that means organisers are compelled to introduce and follow mandatory gear requirements in the pursuit of maximising safety for all. Everyone who signed up for our Grassland 50 race next Saturday normally should be aware of the conditions of entry and the competition regulations, but just to make sure: these are the mandatory gear items you must present at the race pack, a.k.a. bib collection, on Friday in Xiwuqi Binguan (Hotel). The below is an extract from the competition regulations:

  • Mandatory Gear: the following items are mandatory and must be presented at bib collection:
    • Hydrovest (trail running vest) or running belt with capacity of minimum 1 litre of water that must be carried (example below)
    • Emergency blanket
    • Rain jacket (in case rain is forecast)
    • Sun protection (lotion, cream or spray)
    • Whistle
    • Energy bars or gels
    • Mobile phone
    • GPX file downloaded on smartwatch or mobile phone
      • All items must be presented at the race pack collection. If an item is missing = no bib, no start. Please note long endurance races in the outdoors are under severe scrutiny so we will not make any exceptions for anybody!
  • Recommended gear: although the 50km is offroad for most of the second part, in dry conditions you can use normal road running shoes. If you require more comfort or if it’s wet, you may consider cross country or trail shoes that provide better grip. 50k runners who feel like they want to change shoes can do so at km 22. We have bag drop there.
    • The 22km and 11km can be done perfectly with just road shoes.
    • Weather: it can be windy in the grasslands, and if the temperatures remain modest in the morning, consider wearing a light wind vest.
    • Sun protection is a must for every participant. Wear a cap or apply suntan lotion. The sun is very strong in the grasslands and may cause sunburn and, especially, dehydration. The air is dry and you may feel less need to drink. But do not take dehydration lightly for your own health’ s sake!