Athlete interview: Zhouzhen, only one true love can take you 5 years to be with

Starting from the grassland marathon, and then he took many club members to the grassland, three years later he began to challenge the king of grassland. This year is the fifth year of entry. Now he has some experience to share with you. His name is Zhou Zhen, the following is our interview with him.

1.Give us a description of your personality.

Hi there, I am Zhou Zhen, a 42-year-old man, who is very simple, upright, real, persistent, enthusiastic. I love doing sports, traveling, and music.

2.How about your performances last season, did you achieve your goals?

The most important event was the first Ironman I have joined in Taiwan, although I did not achieve the goal, I have earned the experience, and believe in myself that I still have a dream to chase.

3. How many marathons and triathlon / IRONMAN are currently completed?

Up to now, I have completed 31 marathons, 6 half marathons, 30 triathlons(included Ironman), more than 10 outdoor challenges.

4. Did you ever get hurt over the years? What is the most serious injury? How did you recover from these injuries?

At the beginning of my sports life, I suffered injury. In 2010, my weight was close to 198 pounds, I was heavy and I did not know how to train, warm-up, and stretch. The injury is inevitable, I am easily injured in the exercise, especially the ankle, calf muscle strain, groin strain, fall down the bike, etc. And then according to the experience of training that I learned on the website of running. As I lost weight and started training increasingly scientifically, my risk of injury has also been reduced.

5. You have participated in so many events, which part of the event is most important for you?

I care about the landscape, culture, specialties of the event place, I love delicious food. There are many beautiful things in any event city that are interesting for everyone.

6. In the events you have participated in, which part of the event you value most?

My favorite part is the track, which makes me excited. I like running in the vast grasslands, accepting the baptism of the blue sky. At the same time I am also concerned about the free atmosphere in the races, from 2014, each time at the finish line of GKF, we create the new celebration with beer to inspire the athlete’s passion .But it is hard to do in other events, even got rejected sometimes.

7. Do you have any suggestions for Genghis Khan Grassland Festival, about the track and race service?

On the part of the marathon race, unlike the city road race, you can easily arrange the supply point every 2.5 km by the road, because the tracks are in the prairie, the supply point in the GKF is set one every 5 km .During the race, the participants of long distance are prone to water shortages, maybe the organizing committee can pronounce in the official website, suggest that participants should be equipped with water bottle pockets or other equipments to protect. In addition to drinking water protection, you should also pay attention to sunscreen, carry simply tools of bicycle. If the participant bag is equipped with these one, I think every participant is easy to finish the race.

In the cycling stage, there are some risk factors, because of the particularities of the track, regarding security and medical service, you need to invest a lot of resources in the event. For example, it should be prompted to pay attention at certain sections of the track to avoid accidents. If it is possible to organize the participants to have a technical meeting before the race, explain the track conditions (elevation, road conditions, supply points, medical points, service points) so that each participant can ask questions if necessary, I believe the organizing committee also will be more at ease.

8. As an experienced Athlete, do you have any suggestions for the other participants especially for the first time to join in GKF?

As the first time to participate in the race, they should enjoy the beauty of the place, care about the sun protection, wear the water bottle pockets, hat and sports sunglasses or other equipments. In the cycling stage, they need to be equipped with simple tools (pry bar, spare tire, clip,etc). In 2016, I was in the third day race of 100 km cycling stage, the chain of my bike was broken , but fortunately I was helped by a farmer, with a nail barely repair the bike ,at last I finished the competition. Checking is also very important before the race, if I could seriously check my bike before the race, it might be able to avoid the situation. It is recommended that you carry these tools.

9.What is your plan for this year? How about your goal?

This year, there are at least 4 marathons, 5 to 6 triathlons, 2 to 3 IRONMAN competitions, and several outdoor races. I will seriously make a training plan with which I should be able to complete the goal. I think that as long as the completion of progressive scientific training, everyone can achieve the goal, together with the bar!

Zhouzhen ran the grassland marathon

had fun in the grassland

Zhouzhen with his club

Enjoyed the beer in the finish line!