BV Sport supports the King of the Grasslands

Good recovery is arguably the most important aspect of the King of the Grasslands competition. When your legs are tired after a marathon run, how do you ride another 44km on the MTB straight afterwards, let alone 100km the next day? BV Sport is your ideal recovery help!

For the 4th year in succession, BV Sport is one of the leading sponsors of the Genghis Khan Festival, and in particular the King of the Grasslands competition. More and more athletes have recognised the importance of compression socks and gear in general, and BV Sport is at the forefront of this market.

BV Sport, short for Booster Veins Sport, is the result of two vascular doctors, of which one is also an Olympic Champion in speed skiing, who combined forces and expertise two decades ago to come up with a revolutionary concept designed to improve muscular performance and to speed up recovery. Progressive calf support compression and other BV Sport recovery socks all have a scientific foundation that often cannot be found with other similar brands. In fact, BV Sport holds the patent for progressive calf support compression!

Headquartered in France, elite athletes have been benefiting from BV Sport’s technology and the brand keeps also developing in Asia from its base in Hong Kong. Given its range of items is all about recovery,the King of the Grasslands competition is a perfect match. After all, the winner of this challenge is not necessarily the fastest biker or runner, but the athlete who will recover best from all the efforts. All podium placers will receive BV Sport items as prizes. Find all there is to know about BV Sport on the company’s great website, including athlete’s testimonies.

People interested in ordering BV Sport products can write an email at, and get the desired products from its Asia base in Hong Kong. Alternatively, go to the Taobao shop in mainland China.

During the Genghis Khan Festival, you can also find out more details about the compression technology at the BV Sport stand.

Official website of BV Sport