Exclusive WTB offer for GKF participants

Official Genghis Khan MTB Adventure sponsor Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) is offering an exclusive package of quality WTB products for participants in this year’s event.The bundle includes the following high-end products:

  • 1. 2 x Frequency Rims i19 TCS (choice of 29″ or 26″)
  • 2. Tape, valve, TCS sealant fluid
  • 3. 2 x Nano TCS tires (choice of 29″ or 26″)

Package price is 900 CNY plus delivery
Retail cost for this bundle is over 1,800 CNY. So you save at least 50%!

Condition: Buyer must provide the name and address of his/her local bike shop for WTB to send the products directly to the shop for assembly into a complete wheel-set.

Technical details:Please contact WTB directly for any technical questions about their products via this (Chinese) mobile number: 139-0298-9430.

The exclusive Nordic Ways participant offer is only good for the first 50 people to respond with their request. Please send an email to sponsorship@nordicways.com and provide us with your name, postal address and telephone number to book this fantastic WTB bundle.

We have recently published a story about WTB’s superb Frequency Rims, which we conveniently relink here. The WTB Nano tire is a cross country classic and comes in standard and 29″ versions.The latter is considered the premier 29″ race tire. More details on the WTB TCS sealant can be explored via the WTB webpage.  The technical crew of WTB is also planning to hold a demonstration on the quality and features of their products in Xiwuqi.