Focus on Athlete: Luo Jingyu

He is 25 years old, and also the second place of our King of the Grassland competition this year, and then won the second place in his age group in Langkawi Ironman competition at the end of September – What is surprising is that he just started triathlon training just one year ago. The following is our interview of the fantastic boy, Mr. Luo Jingyu.

1. What attracts you to ride and run on the grassland?

In my childhood, I saw beautiful grassland in textbooks, which for me means freedom, no restraints, wilderness,so I’ve been longing for horse galloping on the grassland, breathing in the scent of green grass, chasing the wind, feeling like a lazy sheep. I really enjoy the environment here and the free-spirited feeling.

2. Why do you decide to challenge yourself with the KOG competition? What in the event that most attracts you?

If I only do cycling or running, I don’t think it is particular and have fun enough, I want to enjoy more of the beautiful terrain, so the KOG became my choice of race .

The most thing attracted me was the course design, very beautiful scenery along the way, but this is a brave game, you can challenge yourself better and make more friends.

3.What kind of training did you do for the event? And how long have you prepared for it?

Speaking of targeted training, I am really a little ashamed, in addition to the normal running 10K in Olympic Park in Beijing, I can only try to find time to practice mountain bike (I usually ride on the road) in my spare time, and it is also appropriate to do some trail running.

4.Which part of the event is most difficult for you? What’s the most interesting thing in the event?

The most difficult part was after the completion of the marathon in the morning of second day , we need to continue to participate in the stage 2 MTB race, forty-five km in the afternoon. Distance was short but the track more difficult, but also because of the consumption of the marathon, so it looks a bit difficult, but fortunately, the MTB finish in Mongolia Yurt City that day, there are yurts and roast leg of lamb waiting for you!

The most interesting is that when I struggling to ride, I looked up and found the track was occupied by flocks or herds, me and other bikers had to make all kinds of screamings – might pass, but the more situation was stubborn cow stood there motionless, we can only take a detour. Under the blue sky, horses on the slopes and the crotch of the “iron ass” ride together, what a beauty!

5.You have taken part in the KOG two years in a row, last year the ranking is 6, and this year is 2. Have you reached your goal and expectation of the event? What do you think of your performance?

I am very satisfied with this second place, my efforts were eventually harvested. In fact, the ranking is not so important, the important thing is to examine what my usual level of training, and have a good time in this Festival with friends.

Losing and winning are relative terms, I think the people who dare to challenge this KOG competition are all winners, we have worked very hard, and we are also very persistent. Everyone is great!

6.So far, you are the youngest silver medal winner of the KOG competition, will you become the youngest KOG champion ever in 2015?

I cannot say that I can become the youngest KOG, but I definitely will enjoy the race again. My age in the endurance-oriented projects is not too old, but being young also requires more effort due to less experience. My objectives are enhancing my basic skills and strive for better performance.


7.After the Genghis Khan Festival, you also won the silver medal in the Langkawi Ironman. Amazing results in two different races, would you share your feelings with us?

Whether Iron man or Genghis Khan Festival, these competitions are held in beautiful local scenery, events and beauty can be a perfect match, indeed. When I take part in them, I really enjoy this feeling. The Ironman competition needs you to complete 3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking and 42.195 km running in one day, requiring continuous movement and comprehensive ability of different sports, so there are higher stamina requirements. Genghis Khan Festival is a multi-day event, so it requires participants to be reasonably resilient as well – because you need to participate in the next two days of races also. Ironman and GKF are different type of race, they both need a solid set of basic physical skills, though. I especially want to thank my family and friends for their support and encouragement. To cultivate a healthy lifestyle, to drive around more people involved in the exercise and enjoy life, this is the real happiness.

8.What do you expect for the Genghis Khan Festival next year? Do you have any suggestions on the track and service?

I am looking forward to next year’s GKF, it is my great Party in July, expect to meet all my friends again.

In the event service, NW team is very conscientious, I thank you very much for your hard work. I hope that the event is getting better and better, so that more friends will have the opportunity to come to the beautiful grassland, enjoying the magnificent views of the blue sky, white clouds and green grass.

9.What’s your suggestion to other runners and bikers?

The accumulation of longtime endurance training and perseverance are requirements for endurance competitions, but do not be anxious. Training must be combined with daily life, and the arrangement of diet and sleep is also very important. According to your ability to do what in the training process, you will avoid injuries,increase your good health and improve your strength. I wish you enjoy the exercise, make your life more healthy and better.

10.Will you attend the Genghis Khan Festival next year?

If time permitting, I will continue to participate in the competition, but also to bring the family together to experience the beauty of the prairie, enjoy delicious beef and mutton.