Horse Riding

Mongolia Yurt City has vast grasslands, on which you could ride a horse from the local herdsmen, to explore the fantastic scenery of the charming land. You may see herds of sheep, cows and horses walking aimlessly as they wish.

You may choose to ride for two or three hours. The herdsman will lead you, to the most beautiful route, to the deep grasland.



2 hours: 15:00-17:00  Price:RMB 350 PP

3 hours: 15:00-18:00  Price:RMB 450 PP


*The payment will be 100% refunded if the weather or other limiting factors do not allow horse-riding on that day.

*Non-TP buyers could take the shuttle bus to Yurt City for free, however, they have to get back by themselves. Taxi is around 80 yuan.