LAMBDA, one-stop-shopping for riding products

With the upcoming 11th edition of Genghis Khan MTB Adventure, the jersey sponsor, Hangzhou Lambda will bring for everyone new souvenir jerseys—different designs for MTB Adventure and KOG participants, using imported fabrics to make cycling comfortable.

Besides jerseys and coats for different weathers, Lambda also offers bespoke service with favorable price quality performance. If interested, clubs and cycling teams are welcome to consult with Lambda about details.

More than jerseys, Lambda has a whole product line, providing cyclists with full products for cycling—windbreaker, cycling bag, glasses, gloves, arm and leg sleeves, cycling socks, scarf and so on. More details, please visit Lambda’s T-mall shop.

On the day of the event, Lambda will take products of all kinds to XIWUQI. All participants are welcome to visit the stand and find more details.