Latest logistical info: another event hotel!

As we have received quite a number of inquiries about the accomodation situation in Xiwuqi, please note that Nordic Ways organisational team members came back from the grasslands with good news last week. An agreement has been reached with even a third quality hotel in Xiwuqi town, so that the sale of our travel packages for the 2012 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure and Grassland Marathon can be extended for the time being.

Nevertheless, we recommend that people do not wait until next month to sign up, not in the least as air transport options to Xilinhot are becoming fewer, too (see suggestions below)

As announced previously, the Mongolian Yurts (tents) have been booked out for Saturday night.

Regarding bus transport from Beijing to Xiwuqi and return: two busses will leave Beijing on Thursday morning to allow for a convenient evening arrival time in Xiwuqi that same day. Return is planned for Sunday afternoon.

Finally, please note that as of Tuesday, 26 June people can continue to register for the event (at an extra cost), but should take care of their own event insurance cover. Nordic Ways cannot purchase the event insurance for last-minute deciders timely and will not be liable for any potential incidents involving those people.

Airplane info (please book your flight by yourself, we don’t provide booking service):

  • Beijing–Xilinhot
    CA1109 Air China
    Departure airport: Beijing Capital Airport;
    Departure time:7:45 a.m., Arrival airport: Xilinhot airport
    Arrival time: 9:00 a.m.
  • KN2265 China Union Airline
    Departure airport: Beijing Nanyuan Airport
    Departure time:19:00
    Arrival airport: Xilinhot airport
    Arrival time: 19:50
  • Xilinhot—Beijing
    CA1110 Air China
    Departure airport: Xilinhot airport
    Departure time: 10:00
    Arrival airport: Beijing Capital Airport
    Arrival time: 11:05
  • KN2266 China Union Airline
    Departure airport: Xilinhot airport
    Departure time: 20:30
    Arrival airport: Beijing Nanyuan Airport
    Arrival time: 21:20

Alternatives can be found via Hohhot (Tianjin Airlines) and Hulunbeir City. A good source of domestic flight information is