Launch of the Cannondale Cannonball

The Genghis Khan MTB Adventure introduces an exciting novelty in this year’s race: the Cannondale Cannonball. A daily intermediate sprint shortly after the start with cash prizes for the fastest three men and women. Brought to you exclusively by our new bike sponsor Cannondale!

The event’s Organisational Committee at Nordic Ways Beijing had been pondering on the idea of intermediate sprints for a while and found the perfect supporter for them in Cannondale. It did not take long afterwards to effectively launch the Cannondale Cannonball. By having a sprint-for-cash in the early part of each stage, riders from the second and third row, who lack the stamina to race up front for long, also get their chance to score a nice bonus prize. At the same time the sprints could be a launchpad for early breakaway attempts of the leading contenders. Overall, the tactical possibilities increase dramatically.

Those who think that the Cannondale Cannonball only favours the big gear powerhouses are mistaken. We are adding some pepper on the second day sprint: the finishline will be drawn on top of the short but steep Nadamu Hill at km 6.5.

The Cannondale Cannonball sprint will be marked on each stage’s track map, and on the track itself it will be marked by Cannondale flags and signs announcing the upcoming sprint finish line. At the end of every stage, the top 3 of the sprint will be called to the podium ceremony. It is envisaged that thhe Cannondale Asia representative will reward the Cannonball prizes in person.

More information on the Cannondale Cannonball will be published on the designated webpage in the MTB section.



Cannondale Cannonball finish


KM 4.5


KM 6.5 (atop Nadamu Hill)


KM 7






400 RMB


200 RMB


100 RMB

IMPORTANT: After each day’s stage, the Top 3 of the sprint competition MUST be present at the podium ceremony to pick up their award.