Mongolian 1-2-3 in time trial

Contrary to expectations this year the Ulanbaatar mountainbike armada once again seems to be on top of the field. All five of their young riders in this morning’s time trial over 5.8km around Nadamu Arena entered the top five of the result. Say no more.

The fastest reference time was initially set by Canada’s Fraser Young, riding for Team Chiru-Magura. He required 11 minutes and 22 seconds for the loop that also featured a climb at the beginning. Young’s time was beaten by Russia’s Ivan Brinko from Team Chain Reaction Cycles until the Mongolian riders one by one went faster. Interestingly, the team leader – on paper – was slowest of the group: Baasankhuu Myagmarsuren, third overall in last year’s Genghis Khan MTB Adventure, came fifth. Amazingly, the top three was split by two seconds only! 19-year-old Baterdene Narankhuu won the time trial in 10:39, ahead of 17-year-old Biljuunjargal Erdenebat, and 20-year-old Mendbayar Ulambayar.

Zhu Changqing was the quickest woman today in a time of 22:29.

Result ITT 5.8km

1. Baterdene Narankhuu (MGL) 10:39
2. Bilguunjaral Erdenebat (MGL) 10:40
3. Mendbayar Ulambayar (MGL) 10:41
4. Gantumur Batorshikh (MGL) 10:55
5. Baasankhuu Myagmarsuren (MGL) 11:18
6. Ivan Brinko (RUS) 11:19
7. Daniel Carruthers (NZL) 11:22
8. Fraser Young (CAN) 11:22
9. Pierre-Arnaud le Magnan (FRA) 11:53
10. Alistair Haigh Smith (RSA) 12:02