MTB: apply for the primary start block

As every year, participants in the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure will be split up at the starting area into four separate starting groups. The first block is reserved for race favourites and riders with proven merit.

If you are coming to Xiwuqi for the first time next week and you believe you have a chance of doing well in the MTB races (e.g. a top 30 ranking), we can grant you a place in the first “primary” starting block. Please show us your recent MTB or road bike results as evidence, and either send these  in advance as a PDF or weblink to . Alternatively, come to the assigned table in the race office in Xiwuqi on Thursday afternoon between 17:00 and 18:00, and bring your documentation along.

Note that the primary block has limited capacity and we will not accept any random request. Giving fast riders an equal chance to compete is only one purpose of this starting block, the other more important purpose is to increase safety at the start – particularly on day 1 when we start the race at Nadamu Arena.

Given the high number of participants, approximately 700 bikes have signed up, the start of the short distance first stage will be postponed by 10 minutes in the interest of safety. The long distance thus starts as usual at 14:00, the short distance at 14:10. This measure is only valid for stage 1 at Nadamu Arena.

MTB Starting Blocks:

PRIMARY: Selected long distance bikers
BLOCK A: Rest of the long distance bikers
BLOCK B: All KOG participants
BLOCK C: All short distance bikers

The two leaders (male/female) in the MTB stage race will after each stage receive a yellow jersey to be worn the next day.