Prepare for the Grassland Marathon with Heyrobics

Heyrobics is back! Good news for people living in Beijing, this spring you can once again prepare yourself for the Grassland Marathon in an excellent and fun way with the team from Heyrobics. Offering training sessions on various hotspots in the city, the workouts are even more accessible than ever!

Today, Heyrobics (or “Jympa”) is the biggest non-competitive sport in Sweden with more than 6% of the Swedish population as members. In China, it was introduced by marathon star Linus Holmsater – twice winner of the Grassland Marathon – five years ago to popular acclaim. In the China version of 2016, the Hey community keeps fit through what is a social, full-on (!) 1-hour workout performed by a single leader with easy-to-follow movements for the whole body. Heyrobics has brought workouts out from crammed and stuffy gyms, and into nightclubs, rooftops, garages and schools, with both daily workouts AND 30.000 shouting Chinese at Tiananmen Square!

Heyrobics provides sessions from Running, Core, Circle training to their own signature Heyrobics workouts. Locations this spring: inside of British School of Beijing (Sanlitun Campus), Canadian School, Beijing United Family Hospital, and Chaoyang Park. Check HERE for the maps. Cost: 30-50 RMB (multi-session passes/monthly card available)

Exercise newbie or all-out athlete? The Heyrobics Team’s goal is to provide all-round physical experiences where you walk away with one big SMILE!

Please check out the website for the latest programme, and join one of their special running clinics to prepare yourself well for the Grassland Marathon. Besides, many Heyrunners are taking part in our race anyway!

You can easily connect to heyrobics and the team leaders via wechat(Heyrobics) /