Prize money & rewards

Even though we believe that amateur sports is about leading a healthy lifestyle and about fun, relaxation and culture, we do reward the fastest riders over 3 days of mountainbiking with some appropriate prizemoney. For the 2019 MTB stage race, as in the past, cash prizes will be awarded only to the top 10 (top 6 for women) of the final overall classification of the long-distance event. The amount of prize money will be paid out in CNY. Please see the breakdown below.

Furthermore, podium placings will be rewarded with quality sponsor products on each day, as well as the overall classification after the 3rd day.

Please note that each participant in the MTB event will also receive at least one sponsor gift, a finisher’s medal and a personalised certificate.

Place Men >40 Women>15
1 8000 6000
2 6000 4000
3 4000 2000
4 2000 1000
5 1000 800
6 800 600
7 600
8 400
9 300
10 200