Athlete Interview: Ranqian, new running star

Ran Qian, a famous trail runner in southwest China, has achieved to finish several Ultra-trail 50 and 100 races. While not experienced in cycling, she competed in the Queen of the Grasslands (KOG) competition for the first time at GKF last year. With cramming for 80-km-riding before GKF, she win the 6th place finally. Fantastic!

1. Please give a brief description about yourself.

I love animals, sports and TV shows.

2. When did you start to run? For what?

I began to run in 2014. At the beginning, I just want to lose weight.

3. Which type of running do you prefer, road or cross-country running?

I’d like to join cross-country running for its fresh air, beauty and changing track.

4. The first time you went to Xiwuqi, you challenged yourself in the KOG. How did you get to know the event? Are you experienced in running and cycling?

In 2015, some of my friends competed in Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon. I was deeply attracted to the grassland scenery from the moment I saw her photos. I have never run in the grassland and I expected to do that. As it’s far from Chengdu to Inner Mongolia, the KOG competition basically offers the whole event experience and is of course a good deal for me. Until then, I have run for 2 years while I only used the bike to commute. Before the KOG, I did an 80 km ride before going to Xiwuqi.

5. What impressed you the most during the event?

I felt the deep beauty of grassland, the endless green, pure air, which can’t be seen in Chengdu.

6. What do you think of Genghis Khan Festival?

It’s an event full of challenges, both physically and psychologically. It’s unique as a 3-day event.

7. If you quit running or cycling, which other sports would you like to choose? Or you cannot consider that?

I’m quite casual in fact. I might swim or go to the gym.

8. Does your family support you for your sports?

Eh, they encourage me, but worry about me because full marathon or Ultra-trail 100 is unbelievable, they think.

9. What do you plan for 2017? Do you make regular training plan?

3:30 in Beijing Marathon is my goal in 2017. For that, I need to train harder for sure.

10. Do you have any advice for the new participants in Genghis Khan Festival?

Be careful for the holes in the grassland, especially in the high-speed downhill rushing. I fell down last year. Luckily, no injury.

Ranqian ran on the grassland

Ranqian finished the grassland marathon

Ranqian finished the MTB race