Attention: Chinese to sign up with ID card name

A short but important message to all our Chinese participants who have signed up or will sign up for the Genghis Khan Festival. For insurance reasons, we do need to have your Chinese maiden name in Chinese characters. Your adopted English name or pinyin alone is insufficient.

Because the Genghis Khan Festival is an international event Chinese people are asked to add their pinyin name on the online registration form, which makes it easier for non-Chinese to identify who is who. However, as Nordic Ways is compelled to buying a race insurance for every participant (price is included in the registration fee) the pinyin or English name is invalid for Chinese passport holders, which means those people won’t be insured.Brief, when signing up for the event, write both your ID card name and the pinyin name in the designated areas. Hong Kong participants: please write your name as written in your passport or on your ID card.