Chiru Bikes and Raidlight join GKF

More partners for the 2012 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure and Grassland Marathon: Chiru Bikes and Raidlight are joining the big Inner Mongolia event and will provide high-end prizes to the best mountainbikers and marathon runners respectively, as well as a functional gift for ALL participants!

Nordic Ways is of course grateful for the thumbs up and we look forward to a strong and long-term partnership with both brands.

Chiru Bikes is Hong Kong-based brand that focusses exclusively on mountainbikes and made only out of carbon fibre. Chiru Bikes’ philosophy puts emphasis on power transfer and bike handling rather than mere weight, which results in a very responsive, comfortable and ultimately exciting bike to ride! Owner and designer Pierre-Arnaud Le Magnan has over 25 years experience in carbon-made sports equipment, and remains a keen and successfull mountainbiker himself. His Chiru Team scores wins and podia across Asia, and they will certainly be among the favourites for the overall win in the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure. this year. Apart from bike frames, Chiru also produces top-notch and practical-to-use bike boxes for travel. Finally, the name Chiru stems from the elegant but endangered antilope-like animal that roams the Tibetan plateau. Chiru Bikes donates 2% of its proceeds to the protection of this species, which has been heavily hunted down for its fur. More info can be found on the Chiru Bikes website.

Similarly, Raidlight is also a brand launched by a French sports and outdoor athlete a decade ago. During this period, Raidlight earned itself a great following among runners,mountainclimbers, orienteerers, and hikers, standing out by its unique ideas. Raidlight wants to innovate and puts “lightness” im high regard. As ergonomic, as light, as functional as possible. Their catalogue now contains everything the outdoor enthusiast requires from sports wear, shoes to hats, backpacks and tents. In fact, have a look at the excellent Raidlight website for tips on nutrition as well!