Extend your Mongolian experience in Xi Meng


Fantastic news for all Genghis Khan Festival participants who have a bit more time on their hands and would like to explore the “Xi Meng” area a bit more. Our friends at The Hutong in Beijing have now designed a 4-day active culture tour that runs between Xilinhot and Chifeng, and takes into all highlights of the region.

‘Sharing culture, sharing knowledge” has always been the motto of the Hutong and that is exactly the aim of this new programme they have on offer. The programme will start immediately following the last day of the Genghis Khan Festival and end on the 10th of July. Below is an overview of what is all included:

  • homestays with local Mongolian farmers in their houses
  • Swimming in the sacred Xilamulun River
  • Archery, wrestling, mongolian singing, dancing
  • Hiking up the dormant volcano, “Anvil Mountain” where we can overlook the grasslands, as well as the volcanic basin lake of Dalinor below
  • Stepping inside and sleeping in a Mongolian yurt
  • Visiting the Ashatu Stone Forest, one of China’s prime scenic spots
  • Exploring the remains of the almost invisible Jin Dynasty Great Wall
  • Learning Mongolian expressions and customs
  • Riding camels and hiking sand dunes of the Yulong Desert
  • Hearing the legend of the Jade Dragon
  • Discovering the ancient ruins of a village more than 4000 years old
  • Learning about and experiencing firsthand farming techniques in this parched and dramatic soil
  • Discussing environmental issues with experts in the field of green energy

The Hutong has become famous in Beijing over the years for their ability to bridge cultural, culinary, educational and even psychological gaps between different peoples. They hold regular seminars and cooking classes on their traditonal hutong premises about tea, and each year also organise a number of bike journeys, such as in Yunnan and Ningxia. The Hutong’s leaders are fluent in both English and Mandarin, so the “Xi Meng” programme is accessible to everyone. Each year they participate in the Grassland Marathon and Genghis Khan MTB races themselves, so you may even be able to share overland transport to the event with them.

More info on The Hutong can be found on their website. Please also contact Jeff or the Hutong staff directly for inquiries about the tour programme.