Famous Chinese runners go to the grasslands

We are proud to announce that there will be four famous Chinese marathon runners participating in next year’s Genghis Khan Grassland Marathon! The four runners come from across the country and are highly popular in the cross-country running industry. They confirmed their participation to us last week.

First is Han Liru. She is a real professional and especially known for her performance in the Beijing Marathon, Han Liru has great influence amongst running circles. In Beijing and Shanghai Marathon, she organized her own running team of about 100 people. Last month, she also participated in the Guizhou 105km long Ultra Running Challenge. On her record are also The North Face 50 KM Endurance Challenge & several standard marathons.

The second runner is Yang Jianguo. He is a very good runner, participated in the The North Face Endurance Challenge 100 km and finished 23rd, fifth in his age group. Besides, he also did the Mentougou 100 km cross-country running race, and ranked 14th. Furthermore, he participated in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan and other marathons. Brief, he excels at long distance, the longer the better, and he is also highly familiar with running gear and equipment.

Yu Jianhua is the third. He is at his best in cross-country running, and participated in the The North Face 50 km endurance challenge, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiyuan marathon and dozens of other marathons. Outdoor activities organizing ability is very strong and in cross-country running industry has many fans. His dream is to run the Boston marathon!

Finally, there is a new star–Jiang Yiting, who is hailed by Chinese experts as a new sports star. After less than a year of training, she did ​​ a very impressive achievement in the ITU Triathlon World Championships with rank 20. She continued with the Beidaihe Triathlon and finished fifth and so on. She already proved her skills on the marathon run as well. At the Beijing Marathon last October she came home within the top 50. (CC)