Final days of signing up !

One more week to go to the start of the 2012 Genghis Khan MTB Adventure and Grassland Marathon! We have broken the participant record already and people can still sign up for the races, but… hurry up if you need us to purchase your event insurance.

Everybody is getting really hyped-up now for the biggest outdoor event of the running summer, and preparations on-site are fully underway to make this an unforgettable experience. Our Travel Packages were sold out a few weeks ago, but people can still register for the races. We have suggested  three accomodation options on this website recently. In addition, camping is also possible, and contrary to previous announcements we can offer a minimum (however, repeat ‘minimum’) of hygienical provisions thanks to our event hotel partners.

Important to note is that after the upcoming weekend (23/24 June), people can still sign up but will be requested to care for their own insurance for the event. Please check your personal insurance policy, or buy a special insurance to participate in this type of event yourself.

Also, please note that our rental bikes are now also fully booked. Please cater for your own bike, if you have not yet signed up and wish to take part in the MTB Adventure at all costs.

Finally, please remember to pick-up your participant bag and number bibs at the Race Office, which will be located in the lobby of the main Event Hotel, i.e. the Electricity Hotel (please see our Xiwuqi map for directions in case you will not be staying at this hotel). We will publish the provisional start list on the website in due course, and also hang it out on the Race Office’s Infoboards. To make things run smoothly, please check your starting number before you queue up at the Race Office to pick up your participant bag.

Any further queries, please contact us on