Friends of Nature charity partner of GKF

Nordic Ways is particularly pleased to announce the new cooperation with the non-profit organisation Friends of Nature (FON) for Genghis Khan MTB Adventure and Grassland Marathon 2012. From June 29 to July 1, FON will come to Xiwuqi to do environmental training for event volunteers, as well as for the promotion of environmental awareness and protection. All the participants could donate to Friends of Nature via, or on-site in Xiwuqi. Of course, you can also join their cause, and become a member to start supporting their actions in China.

Friends of Nature is China’s first environmental NGO. For almost 20 years, they have been committing themselves to raising public awareness on China’s environmental problems . Through educational programs and events, they have been trying to develop public participation in local sustainable development.

The cooperation with FON will lead to an addition to the existing event regulations for the Genghis Khan Festival. In the context of FON’s “Leave No Trace” project, bikers and runners will be specifically required not to drop or throw around any wastepaper, empty bottles or other garbage during the event upon risk of disqualification. Special zones around the feeding & drinking stations will be marked, where people can get rid of any excessive garbage, but once outside this zone it will not be tolerated. The “Leave no Trace” project is very similar to other international event initiatives such as “I ride clean” or “je roule propre”. We hope more and more bikers and runners pay attention to environmental care and issues. This is the original intention of the cooperation with FON. More details on LNT will be published on the Genghis Khan website in the “charity” section in due course .

FON is a membership based organization. They have three theme groups actively working on bird watching, botanic study and hiking & climbing. There are also ten local member groups outside Beijing, including Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chenzhou, Nanjing, Xiangyang (also known as Green Hanjiang), Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan and Chenzhou.

Their mission is to promote citizens’ environmental awareness and creates platforms for public participation in environmental decision-making.

More environmental information, please visit Friends of Nature Website