Genghis Khan Extreme Marathon concludes

Genghis Khan Extreme Marathon 2011 concludes today in in the vast Xiwuqi grassland, 1 of the most beautiful prairies in Inner Mongolia, China on July 2. The most eye-catching man’s 42km golden medal went to domestic runner, Liu Yong in 2 hours 45 minutes and 45 seconds while Jennifer Mary-Anne Graham from Canada snatched woman’s 42km champion in 4:10:47.

122 runners from over 10 countries and regions all over the world took part in the 3 races: 42km full-length marathon, 21km half marathon and a mini 10km marathon. The track, going through the boundless grassland, is breathtakingly beautiful and many participants take pictures while running.

Although it’s high summer, the temperature is comfortably cool with light breeze. Some of the runners, who originally raced for the half marathon, continued running and joined the full marathon. Torbjorn Pettersson, event director, was surprised admirably: “Grassland marathon is designed to challenge and relax. Since they don’t want to stop, just let them go on running and enjoying.”