Grassland Marathon even more beautiful

After thorough inspection of the vast grasslands around Xiwuqi, Nordic Ways’ expert team has decided to amend the Grassland Marathon course still for this year’s edition. But no worries, it is a change for the better!

We are very pleased to have found a way to avoid running around the mining area (otherwise an impressive sight by itself!) and send runners deeper into the lush green grasslands before returning across a hill plateau that offers breathtaking views of the area. Due to the very positive feedback we received, the half marathon loop remains the same as last year.

For mountainbikers, stage 2 will also see some modifications due to work-in-progress at the China Tour de Ski arena, which prevents the ascent of the ski slope. However, with help from the enthusiastic local people in Xiwuqi we have designed an excellent alternative with tracks never used before, including another new steep hill that lends itself to attacks.  Total distance of stage 2 will also be increased to 43km (long distance).

The updated track maps will be uploaded by the end of this week.

Meanwhile, final rooms at the Electricity Hotel, our second event hotel, are available as part of our Travel Packages on first come, first serve basis. So, no more time to hesitate: sign up and get yourself ready for a unique running or mountainbiking experience in China!