Hey! Running for the Grassland Marathon

For people in Beijing there is certainly no better way to prepare for the Grassland Marathon than the HeyRunning camp set up by Swedish fitness enthusiast Linus Holmsäter. Since the inaugural 10-week-long camp last year, HeyRunning has become so popular that signing up early is a must! The new camp starts on 5 May and leads right up to your favourite running event in Inner Mongolia.

People who are on the Spring HeyRunning camp right now can thus simply continue their efforts and preparation. The Summer camp even has an extra dimension as the coaches Linus and Neil Fraser will both participate in the Grassland Marathon as well. And you can bet they want to be ready for it !

The HeyRunning camp lasts 10 weeks and has several workshops and themes (e.g. pacing, strength, distance, barefoot etc.). There will be more sessions than ever (6/week) and all in up to four different locations in Beijing. People with specific training needs can approach the coaches and they will set you up for a champion’s run!

Be quick and sign up until 25 April (or until the first 50 spots are taken) to get a 200 RMB discount. For all information ,check the HeyRunning page on the Heyrobics website.