Holmsater beats Yun Yanqiao in battle of champions

Linus Holmsater confirmed his status of race favourite and took his second consecutive Grassland Marathon victory in a splendid time of 2:43:47. The Swedish Heyrobics star ran faster downhill than 2012 champion Yun Yanqiao, while Russia’s Olya Kurzh won the women’s marathon.

Always in for a little show, Linus crossed the finish line in Xiwuqi barefoot. He had time to take off his shoes as Yun Yanqiao had been finally unable to match his pace in the long descent to Balager at km 34. Yun Yanqiao had a strong and tactical race himself, bridging a gap to Holmsater after about 10km. Linus had had the best start of all, taking off from the gun with only China’s Liang Jing able to follow him initially. Pavel Toropov decided the pace was too quick and went on a conservative strategy that would see the ultra running star end up in 4th place at the finish. Liang Jing gave everything he got, and more, to defend his third place against Toropov. He succeeded but was seriously dehydrated as he came into the finish arena. The marathon was indeed held in hot conditions.

TOP 10 (provisional)


1. Linus Holmsater (SWE) 2:43:47
2. Yun Yanqiao (CHN) 2:45
3. Liang Jing (CHN)
4. Pavel Toropov (GBR)
5. Ding Zhijian (CHN)
6. Shaun Caldwell (GBR)
7. Wang Youkan (CHN)
8. Enhejirigala (CHN)
9. Wang Lidong (CHN)
10. Deng Feng (CHN)


1. Olya Kurzh (RUS)
2. Jessica Chiu (USA)

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