In Memoriam: Ishmael Muscat

The dramatic news of the abrupt death of Ishmael Muscat also sent a shockwave through the Nordic Ways office this morning. Ishmael was a highly-appreciated regular participant at our bike events over the past six years, and his enthusiasm and dedication for the sport was an example for many. His passing is a big loss for the community.

The 32-year-old rider and professional teacher from Malta, a small island in southern Europe, had been living in Hefei, Anhui Province, together with his Chinese wife. While training on the roadbike yesterday morning, Ishmael was hit by a car and did not survive the fall.

Nordic Ways wishes to express its deepest condolensces to Ishmael’s widow, relatives and friends.

During all those years, Ishmael was always a welcome participant in our events. Not only because he was a quality bike rider, but especially because he was such a pleasant character. What’s more: Ishmael was not afraid to share his own ideas and opinion with us. His love for the sport of cycling was boundless.

As our GKF race director recalls on facebook: ‘Ishmael Muscat was one of the most enthusiastic cyclists I have ever met. And always in a good mood. We were still emailing last week and discussing energy products and Genghis Khan MTB, where he was again going to give it his best – as he always did. Like in August last year, when I watched him in action for more than 80km in a three-man breakaway group from the race director’s car in a race along the DPRK border. At one point he yelled at me asking how much their advantage over the peloton was: it was over five minutes. Ishmael couldn’t believe they were that far ahead, and it gave him such a boost in morale and energy it was a true joy to see.’

Nordic Ways supports the “Road ID” initiative by Serk in Beijing, which will forward any profits to the family of the friend we lost. For more information, contact Shannon at Serk, or stay tuned to our website in the next couple of days.

A minute of silence will be held in honour of Ishmael before the start of the Genghis Khan Festival on 5 July. A race for which he was again on the start list, highly motivated as ever. Rest in peace, Ishmael.