Lambda becomes official bike jersey sponsor

In 2015, Lambda acts as a new official jersey sponsor of the 9th Genghis Khan MTB Adventure. Lambda is a professional cycling clothing brand, focusing on professional sports products and powerful enterprises.

The meaning of Lambda in Greek is “one of his hands in the pocket, walking alone, and low-key trip people,”, like Lambda brand has always emphasized–the “rigorous, sophisticated, simple and intimate”,which shows Lambda brand’s unique dedication.

Providing comfortable and fashion products for every consumer who loves outdoor sports and lives a happy life is Lambda’s product concept. For this reason, in multiple product features and quality requirements,the professional design and development teams of Lambda have been unremitting efforts, from the sample design to the final product must be constantly trimmed, through harsh checks, in so doing ensuring a stable quality and satisfy the demand for professional sports.

Nordic Ways is very pleased to achieve cooperation with Lambda, which is highly respected by cycling enthusiasts. All MTB and KOG participants will get a special commemorative jersey from LAMBDA.The jersey made of imported fabric , participants will get more surprises on functionality and comfort.

After Chinese New Year, Nordic Ways will publish a design contest for the jersey. Also, in Xiwuqi this July, participants are welcome to visit the Lambda exhibition booth and buy their products. For more Lambda information,please click on its official website or visit Lambda Tianmao flagship store.