Local Hotels & Camping

1. Recommendations of other local hotels:

If you wish to make your own arrangements, we also recommend these local hotels based on our experience in Xiwuqi. You should book these by yourself. The organizing committee does not provide reservation service in these hotels.

Foreign Affairs Hotel

1)JUN YUE HOTEL 君悦商务酒店: 0479-3529933

2)JIU TIAN HOTEL   九天宾馆:


4)DIAN LI HOTEL  电力宾馆:

5)SHUANG LI 双利宾馆:

The other local hotels

1)FU HUA HOTEL 富华宾馆: 0479-6978555

2)JI DI HOTEL   金帝宾馆:139-4791-1291

3)HENG TONG HOTEL 亨通宾馆:138-479-24365  159-470-93873

4)YI DIAN LI HOTEL 一点利宾馆:0479-3520479

5)JIA YI HOTEL 嘉亿宾馆:136-1489-8909

6)JI YE HOTEL 金叶宾馆:133-2709-4300

7)XIANG YUN HOTEL 祥云宾馆:0479-3525679

8)TIAN HAO HOTEL 天皓宾馆:131 4529 1673

9)HONG TAI HOTEL 宏泰宾馆:0479-3525588

10)JIN ZUN HOTEL   金尊宾馆: 0479-6977778

11)YU WANG DI DU HOTEL   禹王帝都宾馆:0479-3918899

12)ZHAO JUN HOTEL   昭君宾馆:0479-3520303

13) CAO YUAN MING ZHU HOTEL  草原明珠宾馆: 15048922333


2. camping:

The committee does not provide camping logistics services. We kindly remind you that the grasslands are private domain; the camping without permission from the owner of the grasslands may cause unnecessary trouble and disputes.


3. English-speaking travel service

Non-Chinese speakers can also check with domestic online travel agencies Elong.com and Ctrip.com for flights and hotels in Xilinhot, the biggest city in the area, 150km from Xiwuqi.