Naqi protects your skin & prevents muscle cramps

We are delighted to announce that Naqi Skin Care Innovators continues to support the Genghis Khan Festival also this summer. Naqiis a renowned Belgian brand, with Chinese bases in Shanghai and Guangzhou, producing quality care products for athletes.

Naqi stands for creativity, innovation and optimal quality. Founded in 1986, the company focuses on protecting and rehabilitating people’s skin in all kinds of conditions. Athletes who compete outdoors often deal with a wide range of skin-related issues, be it due to sun exposure or simply due to chaffing, one of those annoying side effects of sitting many hours on the bike saddle or running long distances. For your prevention and recovery, Naqi has developed a catalogue of products for all types of weather that will be on display and available for try-outs in Xiwuqi during the event weekend. All participants can pick-up a product sample of the Naqi Body Screen – very important for a race like the Grassland Marathon or Genghis Khan MTB – at the Naqi booth in the race office, where the brand experts will also explain to you how, when and why to apply the product.

Participants who want to try or buy the Body Screen or another specific Naqi product can also let us know beforehand via email to (cc, so the Naqi staff can prepare for you when coming to Xiwuqi.

Very much appreciated last year of course was the post-race massage services provided by the Naqi expert crew. The massage service will again be available at Culture Square immediately at the finish area for all participants who wish to get rid of the lactic acid in their muscles fast.

Some more background information:

Naqi’s mission is to develop preventive and post -curative skin care products and to thus contribute to the quality of the care provided and to patient satisfaction.

NAQI massage lotions:

  • are skin-friendly emulsions
  • have the same pH as skin
  • are well tolerated by skin
  • spread well over the body
  • are well absorbed into the skin
  • can be rinsed off with water
  • do not block the pores
  • do not soil clothes
  • contain hypoallergenic perfumes.


1986 – Geyskens Edgard , founder of Naqi , asks himself:

  • How can we improve the recovery of burn wound patients ?
  • How can we stimulate skin repair after a medical intervention ?
  • Are there products which keep our skin in top shape ?
  • Which products effectively protect the skin against the elements ?

Geyskens Edgard brings all these answers together in the brand Naqi®. Naqi has a clear mission: to develop and manufacture the best preventive and post curative skin careproducts in order to:

  • Contribute to the quality of care;
  • Efficiently target skin problems ;
  • Offer an adapted after care;
  • So that patients and consumers are 100% content.

Naqi focuses on the market of primary health care, sports medicine and hospitals. Perfect skin does not exist, but its structure , feel and appearance can always be improved. Our challenge


To realize its ambitions, Naqi relies on a strong team of experienced and visionary team. Our team. A team with a sixth sense for possible skin problems and a passion for solutions. Our vision combined with the Naqi team did not only provide a rock solid reputation, but also long lasting ties with several prestigious partners : the universities of Brussels, Liège and Leuven, several first class cycling teams and many world famous sports clubs. As a result, Naqi products and know how are available throughout Europe,Australia, Japan and China.