Train for Genghis Khan with Sportovia

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Sportovia, a fancy new smartphone app that helps you improve your training and nutrition habits. Sportovia is designed for athletes and is a powerful tool to plan, track and analyse your trainings and performances, as well as advising you on what to eat when. You can even hire a personal coach via the app.

If you take part in a 200km long stage race on a mountainbike, or wish to run a marathon on trails and with some elevation gain, you better come with at least a basic physical condition. The Sportovia app can help you with that. A Polish and essentially a European product, Sportovia places emphasis on the details of conditioning and race preparation and allows you to enter their circle of registered sports coaches as well. The people behind the app are qualified and passionate about injury-free training, proper nutrition and preparation for the highest personal goals. The app is designed in a smart way to keep you motivated in developing as an athlete, that being leisurely or competitively.

Both Sportovia and Coach Sportovia apps were created in close cooperation with a group of top-class athletes, successful coaches and leading sports nutritionists. Among them there were multiple national champions, European and World Championships medalists and Olympians: triathletes, runners, swimmers, ski mountaineers, mountain bikers, adventure racers, orienteering runners. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience, and prepare your Grassland objective with Sportovia app.

Please see below a concise overview of what Sportovia offers:


  • Make plans and stay motivated
  • use clear day/week/month/trainings list views to manage your trainings and diet
  • easily plan, track and analyse your sports activities
  • workout goals (distance, duration, avg. pace, heart rate zone, calories)

Track your activities

  • wide range of collected data: distance/duration/speed/avg. speed/pace/avg. pace/calories/total ascend/total descend
  • manual entries if you tracked your training without a smartphone
  • split times for every kilometer/mile
  • pre- and post- workout notes
  • use countdown before beginning a workout
  • customize displayed data to see those important for you while training
  • map with covered route available during and after your activity
  • rate your activity: feeling/weather conditions/terrain

Analyse your progress

  • both general (lifetime) and detailed statistics for your disciplines
  • access your profile to enter your body details, including heart rates and guideline daily amounts (kcal)
  • control your weight, rest heart rate, mood and health (injuries or diseases) by entering your metrics

Cooperate with a coach

  • find, hire and communicate a personal coach and get yourself to a higher level
  • send messages and use workout comments to communicate with your coach even faster
  • find and hire a coach for the whole team


Benefit from healthy diet

  • keep your diet under control
  • enjoy hundreds of delicious and easy to prepare recipes suggested to you accordingly to your needs
  • set the default number and time of your meals, type of diet, favourite dishes and your diet goal
  • generate random meals or plan your diet on your own using the advanced filters

Coach Sportovia

If you are also a trainer, you can get benefits from the use of Coach Sportovia app: fill in your coach profile, invite your current clients, find new ones and make your work easier and faster; you can log in with the same email and password

What’s more?

Create or join an existing team to train and communicate with your friends (posts and comments on team’s timeline)

All participants in the 2015 Genghis Khan Festival will get a free voucher for the app to try things out.

The Sportovia app can be used on iOs, Android and Windows Phones.

The official website of Sportovia can be found here for more details.